About Us

Dayton Air Control Products

Distributor of Quality Brand Name components for Air Suspension systems.

King of the Road® is the Original Authentic line of Delco Leveling and Height Control Valve Products manufactured by Dayton Air Control Products.

Continuing a Proud Tradition

We at Dayton Air Control are proud to continue the Delco tradition of precision assembly in the Miami Valley. We manufacture the Original Delco Height Control Valve under the King of the Road trade name. In addition to our production manufacturing operation, we continue to work with air suspension users to provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of their specific applications.


  • 3D CAD Design
  • Life Cycle Product Testing
  • Environmental Test Chamber -50F (-45C) to +150F (65C) degrees
  • Electronic Pressure Decay Leak Test System
  • 3D Coordinate Measuring System
  • Production Assembly Machining, Fabrication and Test Equipment



Began its expansion into becoming a full service Air Suspension company with the addition of several OE Height Control and Leveling Valve suppliers, Chassis and Cab Air Springs and Shock Absorbers.


A new Limited Liability Corporation was formed named Dayton Air Control products LLC, to continue the manufacturing and distribution of the King of the Road tm product line. Dayton Air Control then moved to its current facility in Moraine, close to the original site where Delco began manufacturing of the Valves some 50 years earlier.


With the upheaval in the automotive industry Crowe Manufacturing would cease operations of the Steering Knuckle and Frame manufacturing.


The increase of contract manufacturing in the Steering Knuckle and Wheel Hub business brought about a name change from Crowe Industries to Crowe Manufacturing.


Crowe moved from its original facility on Webster Street into a 150,000 square feet facility on Torrence Street in Dayton, Ohio.


With General Motors decision to sell the Truck and Bus Division and exit the market, Crowe purchased the exclusive rights of the product designs and manufacturing equipment.


Delco outsourced the manufacturing of their Leveling and Height Control Valves and Control Links to Crowe Industries, while still under the Delco Product name.


Delco introduced the next generation HCV for automotive, truck and bus applications.


General Motors introduced the first air ride suspension on buses.