Kwik Link

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The World’s Fastest and Easiest Replacement Linkage Kit!

Simply adjust, measure and tighten screws!

Two sizes:
Kwik-Link 915 Kit & 1526 Kit

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Our Kwik-Link Linkage kits will have you up-and-running the fastest.


  • Fast-adjustment and easy installation
  • Safe-No cutting required
  • Convenient:
  • 915 Kit replaces 9” to 15” (230-380 mm) lengths
  • 1526 Kit replaces 15” to 26” (380-660 mm) lengths
  • No additional tools required
  • Replaces most commonly used brands and styles of Linkage
  • Proven design-No unsupported rubber ends to break


  • Long Service Life
  • High Quality Steel and Lined Elastomer Bushings
  • Links are coated for corrosion protection
  • Provides vibration and shock noise attenuation
  • Allows +/- 10 Degrees of Torsional Rotation
  • Added flexibility to prevent damage to expensive valve