Ridewell Height Control Valve - 6320BFAB13

Vendor: Ridewell

Part #: K861007

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Ridewell P/N 6320BFAB13 Extreme Air Universal Height Control Valve Kit with Zero Pressure (N/C) Dump

Includes: 14" Adjustable Linkage Kit, 3/8" PTC Plug, Dual Length Lever Arm, Flat Adapter Mounting Bracket and Hardware.

Supply Port: (1) 3/8" PTC

Suspension Port: (2) 3/8" PTC

Delay: None

Flow: High

Dump: N/C (Release Pressure to activate Dump) Typical application - Automatic Dump on Trailer.

Dump Pilot Port: 3/8" Push to Connect

Lever Arm: 5" or 7"

Customer Reviews

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Frank Johann (Hannibal, US)
junk valve

i have to replace this valve at least once a yr very disapointing

Hello Frank, sorry this part is not working out for you. Can you tell us what type of failure you are having with the Valve, they are typically very reliable. Rob