King of the Road Height Control Valve K870124

Vendor: King of the Road

Part #: K870124

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King of the Road P/N K870124 Right Hand Controlled Response Height Control Valve Assembly

This part is designed to replace the Neway 90554183 valve. It has a longer delay time to consume less air and comes standard with an intake check valve to prevent the suspension system from bleeding down when the air compressor is turned off.

Right Hand Mounting

Includes: 3/8” Tube Compression Fittings, Short or Long Lever Arm and Intake Check Valve.

Supply Port: (1) 3/8" Tube Fitting
Suspension Port: (1) 3/8" Tube Fitting
Delay: Medium
Dead-band: Standard

Also Replaces: Neway Haldex 90554183 and 90054549.

Note: Right Hand Applications ONLY.