Height Control Valve - K706005

Vendor: King of the Road

Part #: K706005

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King of the Road P/N K706005 HCV-Left Hand Mount

Designed for Low flow but Quick Response applications.

Includes Intake Check Valve.

Left Hand Mounting

Supply port: (1) 7/16"-24 SAE

Suspension Port: (1) 7/16"24 SAE

Delay: None

Dead-band: Standard

Lever Arm: 7.0"

Lever Arm Offset: 0.60"

Mounting Bracket: 3.50" to Arm

Requires: (2) 1/4" Tube Compression Fittings

Also Replaces: KOTR K706002; Daimler/Orion 11224503 and Gillig 82-29131-000.

Applications: Bus, Cab, RV, Truck and Trailer