Ridewell RDS-209 60/40 Tandem Air Drive/Steer Suspension

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A road-friendly suspension for longer vehicle component life!

Capacity of tandem drive axles with the maneuverability of a single drive axle

Weight distribution is automatic – no driver control required (or allowed)

1500-2000 pounds weight savings over traditional tandem drive axles

46,000 lb. capacity

Ridewell’s 60/40™ is a single-point tandem suspension with an air equalizing walking beam. The system’s parallelogram design offers 60/40 load distribution between drive axle and non-drive self-steering tag axle, while maintaining proper drive line and caster angles. The tag self-steer maintains positive caster in the forward position while continuing to maintain 40% load on the pusher and 60% on the driver.

• Reduced turning radius of vehicle
• Reduced tire scrub when turning
• Increased tire life at all wheel positions
• Lower vehicle acquisition and operation costs
• Drive and tag axles with excellent articulation
• 60% load on drive for enhanced traction
• Shock kit standard
• Dampened & equalized inputs for both axles via a single air spring per side

Agriculture, Construction and Utility, Fire and Rescue, Heavy Haul

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