PTC (Push to Connect) Fittings - 3/8"

Alkon AQ-DOT Push-In Fittings for 3/8" DOT Tubing

AQ-DOT push-in fittings provide up to 60% more flow than conventional fittings with internal tube supports and save up to 75% in assembly time.

Alkon AQ-DOT Series meet D.O.T. FMVSS 571.106 Air Brake Performance
Requirements; SAE J1131, J2494-1 & J2494-3 Air Brake Performance Requirements.

Product Features:
  • Positive Seal - Tube support area beyond "O” ring exceeds that of all competitive products, compensates for bias cut tubing and dramatically reduces troubleshooting time.
  • Swivel and Fixed Elbows and Tees Convenient swivel threaded fittings that allow close center line installation, eliminating orientation problems. Fixed fittings offer the utmost in economy.
  • Thread Sealant - Pre-applied at no charge to all AQ Series male threads. Thread Sealant: Loctite® 516 standard (others available upon request).
  • Custom Designs - Alkon offers custom parts on short notice and welcomes these opportunities.

Below is only a partial listing of our Alkon 3/8" Push to Connect Tube Fittings.

Alkon Fittings unless otherwise specified.

Please call or email us for price and availability of other part numbers.