Dual Height Suspension Control Valve - 90555757

Vendor: Haldex

Part #: K864040

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DACP P/N K864040 COLAS+ Suspension Control Valve

Haldex P/N 90555757

    The manual raise / lower valve with RoRo-function, is used for raising and lowering the deck height of trailers with air suspension.

    COLAS®+ Raise/lower valve, which has an unparalleled high range of functions. Integrated are: Dead man´s function, RoRo-position and the ‘Reset to Ride height’ (RtR) function at versions with solenoid. As further
    flexibility, a high air flow is realized.


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    Dual circuit ›

    Dead man´s function ›

    Push-to-connect Fittings ›

    High air flow for quick response ›

    RoRo-function (Roll-on, Roll-off) ›

    RtR-function (automatic reset to ride height) ›

    Integration of test point (ISO 3583) ›

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    Application in conjunction with ABS & EB+ ›

    Bayonet connection DIN 72585-A1-2.1 SN / K1