Hadley (LINK) Height Control Valve - H00600-K1

Vendor: Hadley/Link

Part #: K863029

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Link Hadley H00600-K1 Height Control Valve Kit with PTC Fittings and 14" Adjustable Linkage. Compact and Light-weight valve.

Link Suspension

DACP P/N K863029


H00600P HCV Kit

(2) Lever Arms, 14" Adjustable Vertical Link Assembly and Mounting Hardware.

PTC Adapters: (2) 1/4"Tube x 1/8" NPT

Supply Port: (1) 1/8" NPT

Suspension Port: (1) 1/8" NPT

Delay: None

Lever Arm: 2.3" and 4"

Also Replaces:

Valve Only: Valves that require 1/4" Tube Straight Push To Connect (Molded-In) Fittings.

ULV600; Mack 20QE373; Volvo 25155047; International 3595979C93. All Mack and Volvo Cabs since 1998.

Application: Cab or Light Duty