Height Control Valve - 50860016

Vendor: SAF Holland

Part #: K865004

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DACP P/N K865004 MAX-VALVE Universal Low Flow HCV Kit with Zero Pressure Dump (N/C).

SAF Holland P/N 50860016


Includes: (3) Lever Arms, (4) 90 degree PTC Stems and Mtg Bolts.

Supply Port: (1) 3/8" Push to Connect

Suspension Port: (2) 3/8" Push to Connect
Delay: None
Flow: Low (Recommended when Air Consumption is a concern)

Dump: N/C (Release Pressure to Dump)

Dump Pilot Port: 3/8" PTC

Lever Arm: 5.5", 7", 8" and 9"

Replaces: 50860004

Application: Truck and Trailer Chassis