With over 25 years of experience designing air suspension control valves using feedback from the most demanding customers, Haldex has created the most reliable performance in valve technology.

Air Suspension Control Valves are used to automatically control the vehicle’s ride height by inflating and deflating the air suspension bellows to adjust for variations between loaded and unloaded vehicles. They are also used for cab suspensions to provide ride comfort for the operator and for bus suspension application, including kneeling capability. Haldex is a leader in developing height control valves for truck, trailer, industrial and recreational vehicle air suspensions.

Controlled Response (CR) height control valves have been used in the industry for many years. In addition to the CR valve, Haldex offers the Precision Response (PR) and Precision Response Plus (PR Plus) height control valves. The PR and PR Plus valves provide faster installation and reliability in the toughest conditions.

The PR and PR Plus valves were designed with the needs of the OEM and fleets in mind. They offer reliable dynamic seal technology and features that save installation time, eliminate expensive fittings and simplify plumbing. The PR Plus was the first and only to offer customizable supply and delivery port manifolds. The PR Plus is available with integral dump options for normally open or normally closed configurations. The combination of the custom manifold and dump options eliminate extra components, lines and leak points in the air system. The PR Plus valve offers distinct benefits that set it apart from the competition.